Posted Jan 8th, 2012 (7:51 am) by Sarah Wilson
Day Joy

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Day Joy consists of Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval working out of Orlando FL and their new single is a sleepy, sweet sounding trek across a platter coated with honey.

Honey? Yes. Plucks of an acoustic guitar meld with gentle pleasant voices, just this side of dissonant, and drifting dreamy synth work. Together, they seem to strive for exactly what the title of the track suggests: “Go to Sleep, Mess."

It’s a light and deceptively soft song. For once becoming repetitive is a plus for a track. It almost can’t help but become delightfully so by the time it reaches its conclusion. And it works. Drawn in and drawn down, your brain is already drifting with the music just a minute in. Cymbal crash, soft snare and you’re lost to the song before you realize you’re going to be. The brilliant use of ambient, “found” noise at the end completes the dreamscape Day Joy have built so thoroughly when the song does end? The silence is almost jarring.

“Go to Sleep” is one of two songs on the recently released 7” by the duo that showcases two different sounds by the band. The 7”, New Ordinary is available at Day Joy’s bandcamp for free download.

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