Posted Apr 10th, 2013 (10:32 am) by Sarah Wilson
Coachella Announces Set Times
Coachella Announces Set Times

Are you going?

The official set times have been announced for Cochella. Find the times listed here.

Two weekends, vast quantities of music to catch and on so many stages with so much overlap and shoving so much into such a short time...

What’s the verdict out there? Has Coachella pushed it too far? Sure there are some amazing bands playing but the overall question becomes: at what point does a music festival become a black hole? When you can pay a tiny fraction of the amount charged for the festival and see the same band in a small venue, with their own gear and a complete sound check and complete set within driving distance of home (or walking distance of your favorite bar) is it really worth the cash crunch some of these big festivals demand for a 20-30 minute set?

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