Posted Sep 16th, 2011 (2:07 pm) by Sarah Wilson
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Braids really do get it right with “Peach Wedding.” Again.

It was nearly a year ago when InYourSpeakers began mentioning Braids. Now, we’re here to give you fair warning: the experimental Canadian band is about to release another single. This one will be on a joint release 7” with Purity Ring and is due out October 11th from Fat Possum. Braids contribution to the 7" is, of course, the enchanting new single “Peach Wedding.”

The eerily beautiful sound of Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s vocals and the general off-beat drums that mark their music and make their sound easily recognizable are alive and well on “Peach Wedding.” Haunting vocals, yes, but they are strong and powerful at the same time. Voices and melodies blend together to flow over the staccato music is such a fantastic juxtaposition, you don’t want to stop listening. “Peach Wedding” is terrifically engrossing, with all of the layers and whirls of sound to make you listen more closely each time, in hopes of catching a new sound or musical phrase you may have missed the first time round.

Check out the new release and then go back and give their wonderful album Native Speaker, a listen if you haven’t already.

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