Posted Jan 4th, 2012 (12:14 pm) by Sarah Wilson
Big Gigantic Nocturnal single cover art

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When jazz meets with jamming electronica you have a mix that is in turns manic and smooth as silk.

Let’s face it…you don’t hear real live sax in dance music everyday (at least not anymore) but Big Gigantic took the chance. They’re creating a new definition of ‘jazz fusion’ by seamlessly piecing that influence into their track "Nocturnal" as a preview of their new album (also being called Nocturnal). And honestly? The lessons on this track can almost be considered a manual of sorts for producers on how to pin together wildly different influences into a single heart thumping, blood pumping, butt moving track.

It’s got a fantastic throwback beat but mixed with a modern sensibility. Dominic Lalli (Production/Sax) and Jeremy Salken (Drums) bring it up a notch. On an edge that might be uncomfortably close to dub step for some, it’s that combination of live drums and sax with great synth work has the potential to blow your mind! It’s that unusual and well managed collision that also makes the music stand out in a densely populated genre.

While there is repetition in the track and points that seem slightly formulaic, build with growing, repetitive, electro beat then drop! [mile marker 2:41], overall “Nocturnal” feels like a track you can’t wait to hear out and about in the club or even better live! Their album, Nocturnal, is due out January 11th and they’ve got an extensive tour schedule up on their site. Check out their web page for full list of live dates.

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