Posted Mar 17th, 2012 (7:55 am) by Sarah Wilson
Thom Kirkpatrick
Thom Kirkpatrick
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Thom Kirkpatrick is a name you may not know. I might not know it if I hadn’t been lucky enough to catch one of Thom’s somewhat impromptu opening shows for The Kooks last fall.
Originally from Manchester, England, Thom now lives outside of London when he’s not touring as the keyboard player (and occasional opening act) for The Kooks.

You may have caught him in a previous incarnation as the bass player for the band Switches, who opened for the Bravery in 2008, ahead of their own album release Lay Down the Law. After Switches, he contributed to a project called Flash Fiktion with some of his ex-band mates. In addition, he works as a session musician for many more. But ultimately, Thom Kirkpatrick is a unique and talented one man band.

This Beautiful Noise, AKA Thom Kirkpatrick, is a master at layering music together: bass, drum, synth, guitar and a super engaging voice. All played by Thom and Thom alone. It’s awesome when you hear it online and even more when you see him play it live, looping and playing as he goes. Nothing prerecorded, nothing safe. As Thom recently told me, “there’s no challenge in prerecording. I’d rather walk the high-wire.” This from a guy who can go from his own pop-perfect “The Fear” into a cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” live? Playing each part himself? Walk a high-wire indeed, Thom!

Thom continues to quietly write is own pieces while contributing his talents to The Kooks. If you’re going to make it to the any Kooks shows this spring (they’re back in the states May/June, supporting Foster the People) you’ll be lucky enought to hear Thom’s keyboard work at least.

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