Posted Dec 18th, 2012 (8:17 am) by Sarah Wilson
alone architect
alone architect

Miles away from where he began, Canadian musician Jeff Feldman creates lush landscapes of sound with his latest project Alone Architect.

Once a part of the progressive metal band Pulse Ultra Feldman has stepped away from the throaty vocals and heavy guitars he’s been involved with in the past. Now in LA, Feldman is concentrating on producing experimental, progressive music that truly is both. His project Alone Architect takes a turn into this more atmospheric music; carefully crafted and produced to bring the listener down a very specific path.

Having cited musical influences as diverse as Peter Gabriel to Tool, Feldman’s music has no single focus that you can point to and say ‘ah ha! That’s straight out of….’ Instead, it is a deliberate blending of sounds, styles, instruments and voice that combine to speak to Feldman’s eclectic tastes in, and understanding of, music. The sound is lush enough to even hint at the visual influences, Kubrick, photography by Jim Kazanjian (seen on the front of the EP), Quentin Dupieux, in his world.

Feldman’s debut EP, Alone Architect, is a showcase of sorts. A showcase of what happens when a musician takes time to really rediscover and reinvent themselves. On Alone Architect the songs rise and fall across the world he’s created in a lush wave of sound. It’s such a very long way from the music he’d been a part of creating back in the early 00’s, it seems wonderfully incongruous to have come from the same person.

But then again, in his own words, “There are so many possibilities out there and a never ending pool of inspiration.”

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