Posted Sep 28th, 2011 (12:33 pm) by Nicholas Palumbo
STRFKR - Bury Us Alive
STRFKR - Bury Us Alive

The video for "Bury Us Alive", the new single off of STRFKR's Reptilians has it all. The electropop band best known for futuristic beats and soothing vocals has come out with a video appropriately fitting. The video doesn't seem to have a plot or a mission statement but its imagery and symbolism is quite breathtaking and can be discussed quite a bit.

The video opens up with a bright flash of light and what appears to be a celestial body and bodies covered head-to-toe in black. Contortionists dressed in white garb help put these meditative bodies in burial coffins of white satin and flowers. These bodies disintegrate and plummet downward where the body's remains grow into flowers. "Bury Us Alive" has the symbolism of death, new life and spiritual rituals expected from any song with that title. Flowers seem like a centralized idea and symbol throughout the video and the video leaves more questions than answers while visually entertaining.

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