Posted Oct 11th, 2011 (11:08 am) by Janelle Sheetz
Slidecamp is cool, diverse ambience
Slidecamp is cool, diverse ambience
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Named for a grove beneath Washington’s Mt. Olympus, the duo Slidecamp has been together for five years. The music shows it—their songs are very controlled and well-planned, using their ethereal sounds to create very clear moods. Their new album, Slidecamp, was released Sept. 6 on Glass Air and is full of airy, atmospheric songs ranging from the pretty to the dark.

Because of the nature of the genre, Sildecamp’s sound is familiar, yet not generic or overdone. The songs have a clear rhythm and pattern, but are not overly repetitive. While they work to create a very cohesive album, they each still retain very distinct sounds.

Standout opener “Geometer” sets the mood and pace with a relaxing, pretty, atmospheric sound and little electronic bits thrown in to enhance it as guitars and bass gradually kick in and build momentum. Meanwhile, songs like “Chillits” and “Coppola” are darker and very synth-heavy. Others, like “Fire Balloon,” “Roll Chamber,” upbeat closer and aptly titled “Liftoff,” and highlight “Realmsweeper” are faster and more exciting with more percussion, and “4th of July” has more electronics—similarly, “Coppola” starts to take on a more futuristic, new wave sound. All pretty diverse for atmospheric, ambient music.

You can download Glass Air over at Slidecamp's Bandcamp.

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