Posted Jan 9th, 2012 (9:00 am) by Janelle Sheetz
Kid Sister goes "Cliq Claq"

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When Kid Sister isn't busy making awesome remixes, she's putting out original material. At the end of November, she released the Kiss and Tell EP, full of songs that make her comparable to artists like MIA. "Cliq Claq" is signature, sassy Kid Sister. And if you're not a fan of rap, she'll probably win you over.

"Cliq Claq" is pretty fun, despite being musically simplistic. The instrumentation is almost entirely percussion, with a simple underlying repetitive beat. A few electronic and nearly ambient sounds are thrown in sporadically and add nice variety.

What drives "Cliq Claq"--much like other Kid Sister songs--is Kid Sister herself. Her verses are full of attitude, even in the sexual lyrics. Most important and enjoyable of all, though, is the way her voice and rapping serve as instruments in themselves. She is an extremely skilled rapper with excellent rhythm that is the true driving force of the song, making the actual instrumentation nearly secondary. This is exactly how rap should be done, so be sure to take a listen below.

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