Posted Jun 23rd, 2011 (2:45 pm) by Janelle Sheetz
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In the beginning, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground’s new song, “World’s Entire” from the new album Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, is a slow, sweet acoustic folk song with subtle string accompaniment but turns into so much more.

As the song progresses, it builds momentum, taking those subtleties--which give it a charming beauty--and turning them into explosive crescendos to create something that is, in the end, much more powerful than when it started. Or much more powerful than one would initially expect. But the gorgeous escalation settles and leaves just as quickly as it came, leaving “World’s End” to taper off into acoustic oblivion and ending the song just as it began, like a musical circle of life.

As the musical intensity increases, so does the song’s emotion. The vocals become higher and more expressive, moving away from the smooth delivery of the earlier, slower verses. The result is beautiful and moving, and leaves you wanting more.

Luckily, more is readily available. Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground is already available digitally on Amazon and is streaming on the band’s Facebook page. But we who still prefer CDs, or the even more old-fashioned vinyls, have to wait until July 26.

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