Posted Jul 18th, 2011 (12:55 pm) by Janelle Sheetz
Jhameel - Shut up

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With “Shut Up,” Jhameel has created pop music with a gritty edge.

“Shut Up” takes a great dance beat, a funky light guitar and hints of '70s disco straight out of “Funkytown” to make for a very fun pop song. It even shows hints of MGMT, who Jhameel cites as an influence. But what sets the song apart from others and makes it atypical for a pop song is the raw, emotional vocals. Jhameel bursts into the song with angry, aggressive near shouting with lyrics to match: “Would you like my heart upon a stake or platter / Would you hit me just to hear me call you bitch then master.” His harshness is alternated with light, high singing that shows off his vocal abilities.

A video for “Shut Up” is coming next month, but for now, the song can be found on Jhameel’s most recent release, the Dance EP, available as a free download from his website.

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