Posted May 3rd, 2012 (9:50 pm) by Janelle Sheetz
Electronic jams from Astronautica
Electronic jams from Astronautica
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Astronautica is the musical alias of Los Angeles producer Edrina Martinez, who recently released a self-titled EP available for free on Bandcamp. Her interest in producing and desire to be a part of the LA scene led to her start with the help of a friend and Garage Band. Despite what help she may have had early on, she's learned throughout the process to create an interesting sound with basic roots. The songs themselves are inspired by day-to-day experiences, and she records appealing sounds throughout the day to manipulate later.

Most of Astronautica's songs are slower with clap-like percussion, such as "Casino" or the dark "Philippines." "For You" offers a glimpse at her faster and more electronic-sounding work. "Sleepover" is among the more interesting songs, as it takes on a nightmarish quality as it ends. The music's mix of the beats and ambient sounds is nice and provides for a relaxing listening experience with a little bit of fun just when you need it.

Her latest release is "Weekends" from PH2 Records, a song that takes a more electronic route with hints of guitar and indecipherable vocal loops.

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