Posted Jun 22nd, 2011 (11:00 am) by Janelle Sheetz
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An eclectic mix of styles and sounds, plus catchy beats and riffs, makes Apache Kid very fun to listen to.

The two-piece band began at Wesleyan University with Gil Sunshine and Casey Feldman and has opened for such acts as the Black Lips, which is fitting considering their similarities in sound. In fact, Apache Kid has similarities to all sorts of musicians. Their most recent effort, Apache Kid Demos, has hints of We Are Scientists on opener “Ratcatcher,” while the guitars on “Sean Flan” occasionally recall The Strokes. “Goodbye GOTE” has an introduction with a drum beat similar to the early punk of The Ramones that at the same time sounds like Beach Boys-like surf rock, and “Kiddos” has similarities to MGMT.

That said, Apache Kid has its own distinct sound and flair, especially with the unexpected turn some songs take. While most start mellow and mid-tempo, they don’t always stay that way. “Ratcatcher” becomes fast and danceable near the end, while “Goodbye GOTE” does the opposite—it starts fast, slows down, then alternates.

Apache Kid is definitely a band to watch out for, whether you want something relaxing or something more exciting—especially since they recently went back into the studio. While we wait, Apache Kid Demos as well as their first release, College Demos, are both available as free downloads on Bandcamp.

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