Posted Jul 11th, 2012 (10:36 am) by Janelle Sheetz
Amanda Palmer - Want It Back Video
Amanda Palmer - Want It Back Video

Well, what's not to love about a stop-motion video?

Amanda Palmer has released her first video, the lovely "Want It Back," from her million-dollar Kickstarter album. Directed by Jim Batt, it's a pretty video that's worth all the work it took to create—each frame took a few minutes to shoot, so the filming took three days.

The concept is simple, but simple doesn't mean boring—and not just because Palmer is naked, which is nothing new to her fans. As Palmer herself says, the nudity is not sexual or erotic. In fact, nudity isn't even the focus. The star here is the song's lyrics as Palmer is a human canvas. The lyrics travel all over her body, with the canvas eventually extending across beds, her band, and even an iPad before ending up outside as gorgeous graffiti before heading back to Palmer.

The video is quite charming, and you'll definitely want to see the stop-motion in action.

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