Posted May 6th, 2011 (3:35 pm) by Mike Campbell
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It's a virtual certainty. No matter how wondrous all those fiery, crashing rocks would look like plummeting and pummeling Earth's crust, nobody would want a experience a literal meteor bath. Thankfully, now you can listen to Choongum's very own take on a starfall with little to no harm in Meteor Bath (White Mountains Remix).

White Mountains’ remix of Choongum’s Meteor Bath is a crisp, compact, but still endlessly stellar, version of the original. Hailing from New Hampshire, White Mountain has taken Meteor Bath from the dark matter down a couple ‘spheres and then bathed in the clean mountain streams.

Have yourself a listen to White Mountains’ remix of Meteor Bath here. If you have no clue, which I was one of you, do check out the original by Choongum over here.

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