Posted May 18th, 2011 (1:30 pm) by Emily Duffy
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As Youth Lagoon, Trevor Powers creates sleepy, lo-fi masterpieces. Boise-based and fresh as hell, it's hard to believe the craftsmanship we hear from him, seeing as he is only one man, with very few tracks to his name.

The two tracks in question, "July" and "Cannons", have a quality which pushes a listener to repeat, ad nauseam. The sound is addictive, yet satisfying. Youth Lagoon acheives a slow-building, toe-curling exuberance that's akin to staying up all night to watch the sunrise. You're tired, filled with anticipation, and the slivers of light tease and tease until finally the sun emerges, warming you entirely. Powers lulls us with reverb, then shoots us into the stratosphere with earnest vocals and expert instrumentals.

The layers and build of his tracks are a bit reminiscent of Yeasayer. This is what music should do, take us for a ride.

He's got an album in the works, The Year of Hibernation, which should be coming out soon. How soon? We're not sure, but you can bet IYS will be there when it does. Here's "July" (which Pitchfork deemed Best New Track), perfect for a lazy afternoon listen. Enjoy.

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