Posted May 26th, 2011 (12:05 pm) by Joe Campbell
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With Alesso's remix of Swedish House Mafia's "Save the World Tonight", be ready to juggle your head like a clown's ball, because this is a retro banger, folks.

Up-and-coming DJ Alesso snatched a spot on Pete Tong's Radio1 "preview", a sampling of some of the hottest tracks in the electronic world, with his fresh to death remix. While Alesso takes in the fame from all angles, he also takes on the responsibility of creating a remix to a brand new song. The Swedish House Mafia song, premiered weeks ago on our website, has just hit YouTube with its music video that went viral in just two days.

Alongside this quick fame for Alesso came his Beatport ranking for his track "Pressure": 11 out of the top 100 general chart.

Give a hand to artists like this folks, remixing good songs is a tough thing to do - like, honestly, who the hell wanted to hear Haley Reinhart do The Animal's "House of the Rising Sun"? Not one damned person, that's who.

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