Posted Apr 22nd, 2011 (11:37 am) by Joe Campbell
Sammy Bananas
Sammy Bananas
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You haven't heard electronic or indie until you've heard Sammy Bananas. This man has got both genres by the hook on a fish's lip.

Sammy Bananas, hailing straight from Brooklyn, is a rising star within the music industry in all. He's appeared with major DJs and has done remixes for Chromeo and even Kid Cudi. Being praised at Fools Gold Records isn't an easy thing, as Sammy has proven to show that talent can still come from Brooklyn (sorry, folks).

Tied into his own solo project of DJing, Sammy is also a part of Telephoned, which is a dual project between himself and Maggie Horn who is a talented singer, who truly brings out the mixing by Sammy. You can check out a recent article published by myself on Telephoned here.

The song being highlighted by us at Inyourspeakers is "United Feelings" by Restless people. It was then remixed by Sammy Bananas, only to taste and sound much better than it was previously. Screaming "I can touch the sky" until you feel your ear lobes curl up, Sammy manages to only extentuate the magic happening in this song.

Being described as indie is great, as we review a lot of independent folks here. We manage to check out quite a bit of the genre; the coolest part about indie is that it can eventually sound like anything. Be sure to check it out, below - it's here, and it's free to download.

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