Posted May 6th, 2011 (2:37 pm) by Joe Campbell
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Rising from the ashes of last week, Mixtasy Volume 4 makes its way to the headlines with it's play-by-play on Designer Drugs' Datamix 14.

Traditionally within these articles, I like to give you all a walk through of the experience that the mix's can provide - this week, I had the opportunity to choose my favorite mix out of a decent list of solid mixes by some of the best DJ's in the world. I never really gave Designer Drugs a thought until I gave this mix a listen. My friends, it's House music - and it's filled with some of the most appetizing sampled tracks within ear shot.

This mix starts off on a whole different level, unlike the prior Mixtasy Volumes including Flux Pavilion, Fukkk Offf, and Eclectic Method, living up to some of those names within the Mixtasy series is a tough thing. I'm a picky man when it comes to my music and my woman: house music is my style, it has been for so long and nothing compares.

House music is all about the BANGERS; it's about being able to shuffle your extensions back and forth until they get sore, jump up and down until you lose balance and to make your eyeballs dilate to an extreme sense of confusion. This mix fulfills all of the previously mentioned states and strapped like a pack of explosives wrapped around MacGyver's hands. If you're into the idea of head- throbbing, gravy-brain-draining tracks this has to be the mix for you.

I'm just about 13 minutes into this mix, after some of the starter house music picking up you hear Flux Pavilions "Bass Cannon" get dropped - this my readers, is an example of a BANGER - today the word is BANGER, and it will be used quite often in this Mixtasy as this mix has got endless BANGER drops - I swear, these Mixtasy Volumes have been a HUGE flirt to me, I cannot WAIT to see these DJ's live.

Designer Drugs does a superb job at showing what people actually want to hear. When it comes to heavy bass drops, loud synths - what else could one ask for when sitting up in their computer chairs eagerly awaiting the next BANGER to propose itself?

Synths ROAR this entire time during this mix, you can hear the fading of the synths throughout most of this mix - pumping the BPM's till they are unrecognizable, only to unleash a fist full of trauma to your conscious. House music is well regarded for having some of the most creative noises to be produced in the electronic spectrum. I can personally say I've never heard much of anything similar to Designer Drugs - even after all the scrambling of my brain from Mixtasy Volume: 1.

Build ups happen to be the most beautiful thing in this mix, if you can imagine being dunked into a vat of boiling acid and pulled out immediately after. That's what this mix does to you. Tortured minds created this mix and it's the sort of torture all of you freaks out there love. I speak for all of us who enjoy a good house music banger and we want more.

As Designer Drugs steadily builds up your motivation you begin to get sucked into the mix - you no longer have control. You're at the will of their turn tables. At around 22 minutes you hear the track cross fade into a less familiar noise, it's almost like he's saying Mario. But to me it sounds more like Harry; who the fuck cares, this mix just went upside down on me. Talk about depolarization within a track...Thankfully we have gravity on our side #Newton.

Tribal drums are rummaging through the air waves as they attempt to make a closer appearance to your soul, similar to Andrew Zimmern in Man vs. Food. You will be brought along on an adventure of delectable tastes and challenges throughout this mix. It's not one for the faint hearted, nor should anyone who could possibly experience noise-induced epilepsy, at least you won't come out hungry.

It's going down, according to Designer Drugs, and the pace of the song at around 32 minutes, the BPM's have slowed, bringing us to our second official BANGER drop, and it sounds something like dubstep - oh wait, it is - SLAM! And we're back, more energized than before - that’s how Mixtasy works ladies and gents. My job here is to guide you through and make you look forward to seeing these DJ's live. Life is a roller coaster at an electronic concert.

This mix has deserved my vote for the #1 BANGER of the Mixtasy series. It is jam packed full of crowd blowing tracks and mixes, top notch performance by Designer Drugs - they've outdone themselves and I think we should all make an effort to see them perform some time. Believe me, unlike other electronic shows, these guys take the chalice with their unique way of constantly dropping hot bangers. This is the real deal. Enjoy it. And for the love of humanity, say yes to bangers - spread the word.

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