Posted Jun 22nd, 2011 (10:30 am) by Joe Campbell
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Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you Leann Grimesas he is back at'it with his latest track which has gotten quite the attention around Blogland which is known as "Yeah We Up" a revolutionary remix to the Givers original track "UP UP UP".

Shane Conerty aka Leann Grimes unleashes his latest track that has got me grooving on the Grimes path, it's a culmination of gently mutated beats and eclectic joy that Leann Grimes has claimed as his own.

Givers released their track "Up Up Up" as their opening track to their latest album In Light, despite their album is not In Rainbows, Grimes manages to spin it up into a new sort of indie pop sensation.

As Grimes has always done, he loves showing off what the indie blog world has to offer by shining light on all of ye' lesser known bands, fear no more grimes and gentleman, this is his art, and he is good at it. Be sure to check out the Grimes' self titled EP Leann Grimes, alongside the multitude of songs available, free to download for all of you, and to you sour puss folks, get over it, and get Griming.

Be sure to download this track, and soothe your soul of all of your problems; because their is nothing like a little Leann Grimes to start the day, take it from me... I'm a doctor.

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