Posted Apr 13th, 2011 (1:20 pm) by Joe Campbell

The definition of a badass woman in my terms would be someone who could take a punch to the face, and only shed two tears before unleashing a force of reckoning upon her foes. Kerry Davis kills it in her band, Two Tears, as they released their latest singles "Heisse Hexe", "Eat People", "Sense-Unico" - all of which are slamming songs. This woman is so feminine that even Fabio Lanzoni could never handle her.

Kerry is quite the adventurer, before Two Tears came to be, she was in a '90s LA group called Red Aunts. Afterward, she jumped off that wagon to join The Screws, and then bailed out of the U.S. scene, jetting to Paris where she toured Europe as a one-lady band. Now, Kerry resides in New York where she has created in my personal opinion, three pretty die-hard garage rock singles.

If I could point out one song, it'd definitely be "Eat People" as it pretty much slams me in the face with sass, this woman has more muscle than Santigold and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's put together. Truthfully, I'm even certain Joan Jett would get angry from this music.

Track List

1. Eat People (1:46)
2. Heisse Hexe (3:04)
3. Sense-Unico (3:32)

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