Posted Apr 4th, 2011 (2:25 pm) by Abby Schmearer
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Berlin techno-pop electronic wizard Housemeister, alias Martin Böhm, has been making music for almost 22 years—12 as a DJ, 4 as a producer, and the last 5 and change releasing his own albums—and he isn’t going anywhere. 22 years in the music business and you don’t know Housemeister? Let’s remove you from under that rock, shall we?

When the Berlin wall came down, Housemeister (Martin) was 12, and he rode the ensuing changes like no one else, throwing himself into music. By 1999, Berlin loved him. His first productions were released in '02, and his debut album, Enlarge Your Dose, came out ‘06 on Boysnoize Records. Soon he’d built his own label, ALLYOUCANBEAT. He put out a slew of singles and EPs on Boysnoize, ALLYOUCANBEAT, and BPitch Control before the amazing Who’s That Noize? dropped in ‘08. This March, Housemeister and Boysnoize teamed up again to release his new album, Music Is Awesome. If the rest of it is anything like this song, you know it’ll start your blood pumping and your body bumping.

He's most known for his mixes of high-energy uptempo hardcore dirty dance floor ecstasy. His is usually a hyperactive sound, but this track, “In Order to Dance”, begins with a light synth line building to a thunderous roar of organized chaos—this is what gets the crowd going at his loud and completely packed shows.

We’re so glad you no longer have to hide your head in shameful ignorance. Housemeister may be a new name to you, but that’s no reason not to know how someone pulled themselves up from nothing and set all of Europe to dancing.

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