Posted Apr 4th, 2011 (12:13 pm) by Abby Schmearer
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Eilen Jewell has a new album, Queen of the Minor Key, coming out—a.k.a. That Amazing Songstress Did It Again. Folksy with bits of jazz, Eilen’s hypnotic music is our newest addiction: Eilen Jewell is the new coffee.

With a laid-back, folksy, groovy sound, killer guitar, and her sexy voice, we’re in love. After writing this, we may just start stalking her (on Facebook, relax). She’s just pure sex and coffee shop. Seriously. We can’t tell if she’s got the right groove for driving, drinking, or taking someone home, but we suspect all three. With her older lyrics like “quivers down the backbone / I get the shakes in the knee bone / tremors in the thighbone / shaking all over”, this girl is used to spiking imaginations with lust. It’s not our fault. Her ranging between smoky and sensual seductions, quick dance pieces, and soft ballads rocks our heads. With the sexiness that Duffy tries for, reminding us of Dusty Springfield, influence by Johnny Cash and The Animals, and comparisons to everyone from Billy Holiday to Lucinda Williams, this girl is clearly forming her own sound that everyone loves.

She started by busking her way from New Mexico to LA and on to Boston. After a live demo and a self-released album she got her break in ‘07 with her first national release, Letters from Sinners & Strangers. She’s since put out another studio album and a tribute to Loretta Lynn for a total of five, not including the June release of Queen of the Minor Key. The title track below has the toe-tapping folksy feel to get your night (and engine) going. With tunes that get into your bloodstream and a sensual voice that gets into your libido, this girl is the hottest thing around. You’d be a fool not to take her home.

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