Posted Feb 8th, 2010 (5:48 pm) by Henry Harboe
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There have been recent developments in what may just be the next "big thing" in music. Unveiled by representatives involved in its creation, a new digital music file format called MusicDNA aims to sweep the nation with its revolutionary technology. Developer and creator of the new codec, Dagfinn Bach, announced at the Midem Industry Conference in Cannes, France that MusicDNA will be more versatile than normal MP3s. The format plans to go into beta testing in the spring with an aim to launch properly in Summer of 2010. It aims to allow listeners to re-experience their music, in a sense. For the whole scoop, check down below.

Still not entirely sure what we're talking about? Here's the official summary on MusicDNA from their website:

"The next fundamental transition in digital music will be based on richer metadata and true metadata portability, improving the consumer music experience and providing significant new revenue opportunities for the entire music industry. MusicDNA™ represents a significant step in the evolution of the digital music experience. With MusicDNA™, Bach is delivering a new metadata future for digital music that is open, compatible, rich, and portable, seamlessly implemented via the open MPEG-7 format."

Among MusicDNA's primary aims is to allow music fans to download complete artist packages that include music, videos, pictures, the option to buy merchandise, and access to official blog and Twitter posts written by musicians, reports BBC News. "We can deliver a file that is extremely searchable and can carry up to 32GB of extra information in the file itself," creater Dagfinn Bach explained. "And it will be dynamically updatable so that every time the user is connected, his file will be updated." There are also a few record labels that have agreed to market their music through MusicDNA. Among the labels are Beggars Group, which owns Rough Trade, 4AD, Matador Records, and XL Recordings. Keep your eyes on this new format, people. It may creep up on you when summer rolls around.

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