Posted Oct 12th, 2008 (5:30 pm) by Matt Midgley

The devilishly prolific John Darnielle released a new four-song EP called Satanic Messiah over the weekend. A plethora of download options and devotion-measuring donation choices are available here.

In what has become popular to call "pulling a Radiohead," The Mountain Goats' newest release is available to you at little or no cost at all -- and the choice is left up to you. If you're the traditional type and feel compensation should be traded for goods/services, you'll at least be rewarded with a chuckle when you see the preset donation options. Different amounts make for differing titles -- $3.33 and $10 earn you the designations of congregant and acolyte respectively, but I think most will find it fitting to go for the devotee level with it's $6.66 price tag.

For those who demand a hard copy, Satanic Messiah is available in a double-7" format as well, but in very limited numbers, as Darnielle claims he'll keep the 666th and final copy for himself.

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