Posted Dec 11th, 2009 (3:34 pm) by Nicholas Henderson

As reported here and here, originally supposed to be released April 7th of this year, Lil Wayne's Rebirth, his supposed "rock" album, is now in danger of lapping its originally announced release date. Fans of the eccentric and prolific rap superstar are now looking at a February 1 release date for Weezy's heavily discussed foray into the rock arena. Fans were first given hints at the possibility of a crossover when Wayne inexplicably began playing guitar at some of his shows. Terribly.

Rebirth's release, which was most recently slated for next week, will now coincide with the date Lil Wayne is to be sentenced on gun charges. Any publicity is good publicity, we suppose. Check out "On Fire," the first single from Rebirth, below.

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