Posted Dec 10th, 2009 (3:20 am) by Henry Harboe

Jón Þór Birgisson or "Jónsi" for short, is the lead guitarist and vocalist behind the incredible musical projects of Sigur Rós, Jónsi & Alex, and now, a solo project titled, Jónsi. The Icelandic savant is known best for his songwriting talents, songbird-like falsetto voice, and mastery of playing the cello bow over a either his Gibson Les Paul or homemade guitar called "the bird." The openly gay musician recorded the Jónsi & Alex debut, Riceboy Sleeps, with his partner Alex Somers, the very same guy who has done much of the graphic design work for Sigur Rós. The sixty-eight minute instrumental album was recorded in Iceland and contains music solely from acoustic instruments. As a follow-up, Jónsi is currently working on a new solo album that will feature predominantly acoustic music and string arrangements from classical composer Nico Muhly. He just released a sample track off the release, and it sounds as beautiful as ever. To promote the album further, he has just launched a new official website. More on all these items below.

When first entering the Jónsi official website, one is greeted with a photoshopped landscape of what appears to be a village in the hills of Jónsi's homeland, Iceland. Clicking the overlapping letters spelling his name plays cheerful little clips of songs from Jónsi's various musical projects. Then, directly under that, can enter his or her email address to sign up for updates on the forthcoming album, and get a free mp3! (However, if you'd rather not get the emailed updates, we have that mp3 posted for you below.) Finally, six photos and two videos from the making of the album. And the best part about it? New material will be added regularly. Check out the new track from Jónsi's Go below.

Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi.mp36.17 MB
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