Posted Jul 28th, 2009 (11:01 am) by John-Ross Boyce

Jack White has launched a new subscription service, known as The Vault, which will offer exclusive content of bands with which he is involved. Fans who subscribe to The Vault will have access to the full White Stripes archives, and will receive physical vinyl releases. White further commented that he may personally drop off vinyls to select subscribers, in order to proselytize his views against digital downloads. According to White, "some members are getting into shows before anyone else now just by lottery, get rare records randomly sent to them via mail order (or handed to them by me even!). Some are getting records that they will resell on eBay if they want to." Premium membership to The Vault costs $20 per month.

In other news, The White Stripes are planning to release Under The Great Northern Lights, a documentary highlighting their 2007 tour of Canada, later this year. Details as we receive them.

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