Posted Apr 21st, 2009 (9:40 pm) by Erika Dick

After returning home from Europe, and before setting off for the East Coast, Now, Now Every Children's Cacie Dalager joined IYS to reflect on her foreign detainment, playing on a bloody stage, and drummer Brad Hale's infamous sleep-talking. From band camp to opening for Mates of State, this Minneapolis duo has certainly had a whirlwind of a couple years.

Inyourspeakers: All right, let’s get started. So you guys just got back from touring Europe.

Cacie: Yes ma’am.

IYS: But some UK dates were cancelled. What happened there?

C: [Laughs] Um, well kinda ridiculous. We showed up to the border to get on the ferry, and they denied us, and we were detained for like four and a half hours.

IYS: Oh wow! Bet that was pretty surreal.

C: Yeah! No, it was like, okay, so we get there and the people at the desk, who we had to go past were just like - well, they were dicks from the get-go. It was a man and a woman at the desk, and they were said we couldn’t get past unless we were as famous as Frank Sinatra, and stuff like that.

IYS: Oh my goodness.

C: I know! It was so ridiculous. And we were like “Is this really happening?” I tried to explain how we thought things worked, and they were just like “Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s not how it works - too bad.”

IYS: Oh gee!

C: I know! They were like little hyenas, picking on a dead carcass. We just sat there like “I can’t believe this is happening.”
[Laughing ha ha ha ha ha]
C: It was so weird! Initially they stopped us saying we needed a work permit to be playing there, or whatever, but that’s actually not even right because you have to be there for like three months or more to need a permit. We were only going to be there for a few days. So, they initially stopped us for no reason. And yeah, we just sat there for an hour and watched people stream past us. At one point, we got up to complain, and then they were like “Okay, we’re going to have to pull you in back and question you.” So, then we went in one at a time. I was like the last one sitting out there, and I kinda made friends with this one chick, whose friend got detained as well because he didn’t have the right visa or something.

IYS: Mmhmm.

C: And so after we were there for an hour they pulled us into the back, one by one, and we were fingerprinted while locked in this room. There were glass windows everywhere – every once in a while, one would open and someone would ask us a question and promptly shut the window. It was like a really scary hospital waiting room, but with a bathroom and rows of plastic chairs
[Laughing ha ha ha ha ha]

IYS: Think you’ll ever write a song about that experience?

C: [Laughs] I’m sure it’ll come up eventually. At least in a little one line, “wow that sucked.” [Laughs]

IYS: But, you guys are planning to go back, right? You’re rescheduling your UK shows.

C: Oh yeah. Of course. I felt so bad, because we made some friends in Germany who decided to go see us play at the London show. And then we had to say, “Uh, we’re not gonna be there. Sorry.”

IYS: Oh that’s not good. So where was your favorite place to play in Europe?

C: Um, Germany as a whole, basically, was the best place ever. We played this one really really fun show with this crazy band called Bonaparte. They were honestly the nicest band I’ve ever come across. And it’s funny, because their live show was ridiculous - literally, a freak show. [Laughs] There were people pouring fake blood over each other and running around naked and so on and so forth.
[Laughing ha ha ha ha ha]

IYS: So, a little different than the show you guys play, huh?

C: [Laughs] Yeah. Right. They were pretty nice to us, but pretty ridiculous. Afterwards, they asked us, “Oh did you guys like it?” And we were like “Is this real?” Before the show, they were super duper calm, and I’d never really listened to them before. I didn’t really know what to expect. Then they went out there, and went absolutely crazy. But then they came off stage and were super calm again. [Laughs] So, it was super funny.

IYS: How does the crowd compare there [in Germany] to shows you’ve played in the U.S.?

C: It kinda depended on the city, but generally, the crowd was way better, which is totally strange because I thought there would be no one at any of our shows. I mean, dude, what were we doing in Germany? I though no one would care about us in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. But it’s like totally the opposite! It’s not like there’s an insane amount of people who know about us, but when even a hundred people would show up, we were like “Oh my God. What is this?! Who are you and how do you know about my band?”

IYS: Yeah, really! How did you guys end up touring Western Europe in the first place?

C: Well, we hooked up with a German label a while ago, and Cars just came out over there. They were asked us if we wanted to do a tour to promote the record, and we were like “Uh, yes. We think so.” [Laughs]

IYS: And do you think the Europe tour will affect what you do now that you’re back for your East Coast tour? Will you be making any changes?

C: We definitely need some more songs. It was super strange because the crowd kinda wouldn’t let us off the stage. [Laughs] During our German shows, everyone would shout “play more!” And we’d say, “that’s all we have.” And, so it would be me and Brad playing songs we don’t really know, for a good part of the show. Basically, we exhausted all of our songs. They were like “More!” And we were like “There’s no more! You don’t understand!”

IYS: Oh man!

C: Yeah it was crazy.

IYS: Speaking of your next record...

C: Well, since we were just in Europe on tour, and are getting ready to go out again, we haven’t really done much about that. Mainly we’re just in the writing process right now - just trying to figure songs out and stuff like that. We’ve demo-ed a couple songs, but only really rough versions.

IYS: So what’s the song-writing process like for you guys?

C: It varies a little bit for each song, but basically what will happen is: I will have a main idea for a song before anything is played out; I usually write on this tiny acoustic guitar that I have. First, I’ll try to make a melody and words. Then I try to figure out if the song would sound better with guitars or keys as a base. Depending on that, I put together a main guitar/keyboard track accompanied by vocals. And, then I mainly just try to figure out the layout of the song as a whole. Once that is finished, I’ll show the track to Brad, and we’ll make changes from there.

IYS: Do you ever just get stuck and have no idea what to do with the song?

C: [Laughs] Yes, so many times! I think that’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. Especially, if you like part of a song but you can’t figure out how the rest of it should go. Generally I kinda have to put the song on hold until I can figure something else out to make it work.

IYS: How do you get unstuck then? Just fiddle around with a different song and then come back?

C: Um, yeah, it’s kinda funny. It depends on how frustrated we are by a given track. Sometimes if we’re working on something all day, and we’re like “this sucks” then we’ll probably go to a different song. We usually end up going back to the first song though because we it to work so badly. Of course, then we’ll play a different version of it as a joke, or we’ll just be messing around, and then - “Wow, this could be that song!”

IYS: So you and Brad have known each other for a long time, right?

C: Yeah, like seven years or something.

IYS: So do you guys have different styles when it comes to writing music and balance each other out? Or do you just ride the same kind of brain waves?

C: Since we’ve known each other for awhile, and since we’ve been recording with each other for a handful of years, we kind of are in each other’s brains in a way that we know what each other is looking for. Working out songs is way less stressful these days because we have each other figured out.

IYS: And this all began when you started writing music after marching band practice.

C: [Laughs] This somehow got into our bio, and it just won’t go away.

IYS: Everyone wants to know the story!

C: It goes to show how nerdy we are. Brad and I met at band camp back in the day. [Laughs] Yeah, we were both in marching band.

IYS: Did you ever think then that you’d end up where you are now - just home from touring in Western Europe and preparing for another album?

C: [Laughs] No way! We knew we wanted to make records, we knew we wanted to get signed, and we knew we wanted to play shows, but that was it. The fact that we just played shows in Germany is outrageous. It’s to the point now where weird things are happening that I never expected to happen. We just got back from the tour a day and a half ago, and I’ve just been at my house just trying to readjust to the non-tour life. It’s super weird.

IYS: So how did you guys get in with Afternoon Records?

C: Well, Brad and Ian went to the same college for a couple years. One day, Brad said something to the effect of “Oh, I’m in a band. Here is my demo.” Nothing happened right away, but later that year we heard that he was interested in signing us. Needless to say, we were ecstatic!

IYS: And it looks like you guys are having a blast there.

C: [Laughs] Yeah, it’s been seriously amazing so far. Ian is one of our best friends. He’s our buddy and helps us with everything. Everyone we’ve encountered who works there is super awesome too. I was actually an intern there for a little bit, which mainly means I put things in envelopes, and then did whatever I wanted. I was a bad intern.

IYS: Seems like you and Brad are pretty involved in what goes on, too.

C: Yeah I feel like that’s probably one of the best things, at least at this point – from the beginning we wanted to be super duper involved. We didn’t want to be handed off to some random PR person - you know? I want to be as connected as I can throughout this whole thing. I think it kinda sucks when a band gets so big that it can’t be involved with the people that listen to them. I’m glad that we’re still at the stage where we can be super involved with everything.

IYS: That’s awesome! So, remember that time you guys opened for Mates of State? Tell us about that experience.

C: [Laughs] Yeah, I think, maybe it’s a tie between the show we just played with Bonaparte and Mates of State. I think the latter was the best show we’ve ever played just because there were so many people there! Of course, everyone was there for Mates of State, but to play in front of that many people was just ridiculous.

I think we fit okay with them though - you know? We walked onto the stage and people just started yelling, “Wahh! get the show started!” We were like “Oh my God. These people started cheering before we even played! What the hell!” [Laughs]

IYS: Is there anyone else you’d love to play a show with?

C: That we haven’t?

IYS: Yeah, if you could play with anyone.

C: If we could play with anyone...who would it be? We’ve been on a Tegan and Sara kick lately, so that would be fun. I’ve definitely questioned myself about this before - like if I could choose anyone in the world, who would it be? [Laughs] And, it usually kinda goes back to Tegan and Sara.

IYS: So what’s the best part for you about playing a live show?

C: I guess playing the actual show is kinda the point, but my favorite part is afterwards when we get to talk to people. It’s kinda weird though, I don’t ever really remember playing the actual shows believe it or not. Everything sorta blends together after a while.

IYS: Have you ever met anyone completely outrageous after a show?

C: Oh yes, so many times! There was this older man who was probably fifty or sixty or something, I don’t know, but he had kids and whatever. He came over and started talking to us, but it felt really strange for some reason. He was like “So Cacie, are you gonna leave your guitar anywhere in Europe? Are you ever going to let it out of your sight?” And I was like [Laughs] “How do you know my name?” He’d watched our video updates, which is cool, but he asked a lot of odd questions. For instance, he asked someone about Brad talking in his sleep. [Laughs] Yeah, that was pretty strange.

IYS: Wait, what about Brad talking in his sleep?

C: Yeah, we posted this one video. During our last US tour, we’d usually make a little video update or recount the events of a show we’d played every night. Well, we were at a hotel after the Columbia show, and all of a sudden Brad starts talking in the middle of us making a video. I thought he was awake, so I turned the computer to him so he could say “Hey” or something, but he started talking about lollipops instead.
[Laughing ha ha ha ha ha]
C: We were like “What are you talking about?” And he said, “Lollipops I thought.” And then he started saying something about lollipops and his hair either turned into lollipops or his hair was lollipops. So, long story short, Brad randomly gets made fun of for that. [Laughs]

IYS: So you’ve done a West coast tour, and now you’re back from Europe, and you’re about to do an East coast tour. Is there anywhere else that you are just dying to play?

C: Well, I’d really love to go to the UK eventually! I feel like the London show was the show. You know, when you think about touring you don’t usually think about Germany as the play where you’d like automatically want to go; we were thinking “Oh sweet! We’re gonna go to London!” But that didn’t happen unfortunately. I think I would like to tour Canada, or at least parts of Canada. Or Australia! Oh I don’t know, there are so many places!

Our first tour was a West Coast tour, but our booker wasn’t really a professional - he was more like just kind of a buddy. We ended up playing at really shitty bars, and I think we were all super in debt afterwards because no one came to the shows as they were in places where people who like our music don’t really hang out. So, I would like to go back to the West Coast for another tour.

IYS: Well, that’s all of my questions. Any last words you want to share with the World Wide Web?

C: Um. Brad misses German bread and cheese. I would like to beg the UK to let us in next time because we are very innocent, like little puppies. Oh, and thank you to France for building the Eiffel Tower because we saw that and literally peed ourselves. That’s all.

IYS: All right! Hah, well thank you so so much!

C: Thank you!

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