Posted Nov 19th, 2008 (2:24 pm) by Travis Müller

Last week, inyourspeakers reviewed a gem of an EP by the danish artist called. This week we sat down with called and asked him a few questions abut his music and the direction he sees it taking in the coming months.

IYS: Can you start by telling us a little bit about called. and where the idea came from?

called.: Well, called. is the second nick[name] of mine, which is an idea I came up with right after finishing my first album Officious [under] the name Aves. I did Officious for the fun of it and to get more experienced using DAW's and such. It made realize what I really wanted to do, which became 'called.'

IYS: So, would you say that called. is a completely new facet of your style?

C: Well, it's still in the electronic genre, but yeah it's quite new for me. I recently finished a new track of mine, which again was sorta new for me to make, but still in that genre, just slighty darker and progressive.

IYS: Is there an album to follow? And can we expect it soon?

C: There probably will be an album, but as it seems now like it won't be soon. I'm studying at the moment, so the only time I [can] concentrate on my music is often on Sundays and when I'm on public transport.

IYS: Well, the people who have heard your music have been loving it - myself included. So you've [got] the audience.

C: Yeah, I hope so. I'm still doing all this as a hobby of mine... [having] people appreciate what I do is very important to me.

IYS: Who would you say are your influences?

C: Well, normally people would name all the artists they've heard in their lifetime and conclude something in between, if you know what I mean. If I had to choose two artists I'm enjoying a lot at the moment [they would] probably be Justice and Stephan Bodzin. You probably all know the first artist - but I'm actually most keen [on] their release for Dior - Planisphere. I love the spacey, echo-ish sound it has. I'm kinda trying to get a mix of those sounds these artists produce.

IYS: Seems to be the mission statement for a lot of artists.

C: Well, my EP was kind of a statement - I often have to discuss with people. Some albums or artists just make their music for it to be one product. [Tracks] O,N & E were a point I tried to make - for people to listen to it as ONE release - almost one song, if you catch my drift.

IYS: That's the impression I got from the EP myself. That it was almost told in movements.

C: Yeah, you should really check out my latest tune, it's a totally other atmosphere and a lot more dark and deep. I'm quite proud of that track. The title is Wrong - named after my number one fanboy.

IYS: It's apparent that you know music, and that it's a big part of your life. How do you view music?

C: Oh, I think I know music as a lot others know music, but I might make it a bigger deal than the most. I can easily find myself analyzing too much [of] a certain tune or album, which is annoying at times. But I mostly listen to music trying to recognize certain aspects. It could be effects, arrangements, instruments etc.

IYS: You're not alone there, trust me. Getting new music has become a compulsion for most of us at inyourspeakers. We talked about influences, but are they any albums or artists that you can't turn off these days?

C: Those mentioned before. Otherwise, there [are] a lot I could start off with: Popof, Rekleiner, SebastiAn (kick-ass beats), Bon Iver (love the voice), Mr Oizo - that kind of stuff. I often just shuffle my [music] because I dig a lot of it. [I listen to] mostly electronic, but there are some hyped indie bands. Oh, and Extrawelt.

IYS: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

C: Let there just be a huge gap of anticipation and wisdom circling around in the air. Thanks a lot for having me!

IYS: Thanks a lot for coming! We'll be sure to be following you. Good luck.

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