Posted Mar 30th, 2009 (7:49 pm) by Yuki Sambongi

From the depths of Colorado come Kyle Even and David Schmitt - AKA Breathe Carolina. With their unique mixture of electronic beats and screamo, they released their debut record, It's Classy, Not Classic in September 2008. Along with Anarbor, Every Avenue, Meg & Dia, and Cute Is What We Aim For, Breathe Carolina struck out on the 2009 Take Action Tour. We sat down to talk with Kyle and David at the tour's Salt Lake City stop earlier this month.

IYS: So Breathe Carolina, I have heard and read online that your name is derived from a dream a member of the band had. Is that right?

David: Yeah, it was mine. It was about this older lady named Carolina who kept showing up all throughout this dream I had. Whenever she entered my dream, she’d by super active, and I’d tell her to breathe and chill out. The dream happened way back in ninth grade. Then about four years later we started this band, and I asked, “What do you guys think about Breath Carolina,” and the name has just stuck.

IYS: Well that is pretty cool. So you guys are from Colorado right?

BC: Yup.

IYS: How was the music scene when you guys first started out?

David: It was cool. There wasn’t much like us going on – the scene was heavier with a lot more metal bands.
Kyle: A couple of our friends like Nick from Kill Paradise formed bands, so we played with them a lot which most definitely helped us. They took us towards the right direction.

IYS: So, your new album, your first album, came out last September.

BC: Yeah.

IYS: How is that working for you guys?

David: It's good. It's been like six months since it has been out and everything is going well. Interestingly enough, it seems like this year, the record has met a better response.

IYS: Well I am glad to hear you guys have been getting some positive responses.

David: Yeah, the other tours were great, but this tour has been a little more intense.

IYS: I heard you guys recorded your whole debut on Garage Band.

Kyle: Yeah, we started in GB, just messing around, and in the end, we just decided to finish the album that way for consistency’s sake. The next album will be in studio. We are definitely excited to have that experience.

IYS: So have you guys been writing music for the next album?

BC: Yeah.

IYS: Do you guys have a certain date in mind?

Kyle: We are going into the studio on the seventh [of April], and we have just been told that our album will drop sometime around September.

IYS: There is still quite a while then.

Kyle: Yeah but we still have to finish it so.
David: We probably have about four or five songs that have good starts to them, but we don't have much else written, so we’ll be spending a good chunk of time in the studio.

IYS: Do you guys have a particular theme for your album or are you just going with the flow?

David: We’re just doing whatever seems to work out right now, but we are going to try to add a lot more different aspects to it that weren't in the last album; we are going to use a lot more live instruments and crazy stuff. It's going to be very different. You’ll still know it's us, but more like a step up.
Kyle: We just didn't have the capability to experiment with the last record even though we had the capability to do that stuff live. So, we want to show that we aren't just a “hit play on an Ipod” type of band. We can play real instruments, and we want to add that to our musical image.

IYS: So, electronica is blowing up, and there are great resources out there like Garage Band. What would you say to people working on making music in this genre?

David: I think it's kind of just like “do your own thing.” You don't want to try to be like somebody else. You don't want to try to be like this band or that artist - make things that sound right to you.
Kyle: Just, stay true to yourself, do what you really want to do.

IYS: And that is what your music is for you guys?

BC: Yeah totally.

IYS: So how has the Take Action Tour been for you guys?

Kyle: It has been pretty good.
David: Awesome! It has definitely been the best tour so far.

IYS: How many stops have you guys made so far?

Kyle: We are coming close to thirty-five. We have also done a few shows independent of the Take Action Tour.

IYS: So how many more stops do you guys have?

Kyle: When this tour is done, we’ll have done forty-four shows I think
David: I think there are seven shows left right now.

IYS: So being this close to the end: has this tour been a long one for you guys?

David: No, this tour has gone by so fast; it seems like just yesterday we had our first show. It has been insane.
Kyle: It is so weird how the first week stretches forever. Now that there are only six or seven shows left, I catch myself thinking, “Where did all that time go? How did we end up here already?” It's crazy how fast time goes. It really does fly by so quickly.

IYS: I am glad to hear this tour has been one of your favorites.

Kyle: Definitely. I mean, I think it’s mostly the people that we hang out with.
David: We really bonded with the other guys. In every tour we've bonded with the bands too - it's just cool to meet new friends.

IYS: Well, I hope tonight and the rest of the tour goes well for you, and thank you so much for coming out and talking to us.

David: No, thank you.

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