Posted Jun 29th, 2009 (11:25 pm) by Mathew Plotnick

The Brooklyn music scene is always bustling, and there are tons of great bands in the area. Air Waves is certainly no exception, producing lush folk rock that gets even the like of Dan Deacon all warm on the inside. Read on for lead singer Nicole Schneit’s thoughts about touring, the Baltimore scene and even some post-Air Waves plans.

Inyourspeakers : Dan Deacon had recently called you his favorite new band, and said that the music Nicole writes is like a “favorite blanket wrapped around you.” What does it mean to be receiving this kind of praise from someone like Dan Deacon?

Nicole: He’s a really good friend of mine, so it’s really cool. I also really respect him as a musician and a performer. Anytime a musician I like compliments me its extra special.

IYS: Your myspace page describes you as tropical and there is definitely a lot of folk in your music. What influences a sound like that of Airwaves?

Nicole: Hmm… I grew up on a lot of Neil Young and a mix of other pop/folk/rock. Consciously or not, it comes out in my songs.

IYS: Your self titled EP was released in March. What kind of work went into creating your first release on Catbird records?

Nicole: It was all about writing simple songs that I felt sincere about, and including a great group of musicians in the project. Chester Gwazda, who recorded It, was pretty easy to work with. Recording isn’t my favorite thing to do, and he really put me at ease.

IYS: Why did you decide to sign with Catbird records, as opposed to anywhere else?

Nicole: I liked that it was small, and honestly they were the first label to approach us.

IYS: Most of the shows Air Waves has played so far are local. What do you like the most about playing in Brooklyn?

Nicole: I like a lot of the bands that are coming out of here. We would love to tour more soon with a bit more PR support.

IYS: What would you say the best gig you’ve done so far is?

Nicole: Opening for Cat Power for sure. Having over 300 people sit there listening, it felt really wonderful. She was really nice too. Playing with someone that successful and having that big of an audience be attentive was rad.

IYS: Ok, so what can someone expect going into an Air Waves concert?

Nicole: We are pretty laid back; I try to move around to add some flair though. I think we are better live than in our recorded stuff believe it or not.

IYS: You played at last year’s Whartscape Festival, which included acts such as Dan Deacon, Beach House, and Ponytail. What about the Whartscape Festival are you looking forward to for this year, now that you are a veteran of the fest?

Nicole: Hanging with pals and seeing great bands. The Baltimore crowd is terrific.

IYS: You’ve also played at the last two SXSW festivals. What about playing at a music festival do you like the most?

Nicole: Being around a ton of other musicians and seeing bands I wouldn’t normally see.
Oh yeah, and free stuff!

IYS: What Brooklyn bands are you real fans of, and who do you think will breakthrough next?

Nicole: The Beets will breakthrough; the Browns and Sundelles will too.

IYS: Can we expect an Air Waves full length release in the near future?

Nicole: Yes! We’re starting to record the new record now. With luck, it will be out in the Fall.

IYS: Ok, last question: where do you see Air Waves five years from now?

Nicole: I want to move to a farm and start a family, so who knows. For now, I just want to keep playing and having fun.

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