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Holy Fuck are one of the nominees that made it to the finals for the Poliaris Music awards and will be competing for the prize. At the times listed below you will be able to watch 10 acts perform for the S20.000 CAN prize.

The Polaris Music Prize is a juried award determined by journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and programmers from across Canada. Jury members are selected annually by the Polaris Board of Directors. The 2008 Polaris Jury consists of 185 members from local and national media who display a wide breadth and depth of knowledge of Canadian music and passion for discovering new albums.

How it works: all jury members submit a ballot indicating their Top 5 albums of the year; the results form the Polaris Prize Long List and, after a second round of voting, the Polaris Prize Short List. An 11-member Grand Jury is selected each year to convene at the Polaris Awards gala, where they determine the Polaris Prize Winner. To ensure an impartial outcome, no one with direct financial relationships with artists is eligible to become a jury member. The organization itself is a registered, not-for-profit corporation.

Rogers Presents The Polaris Music Prize on CityTV

Not Your Average Music Award Show!
Saturday, November 8th

Broadcast Schedule is as follows:
Citytv Toronto, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm ET
Citytv Winnipeg, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm CT
Citytv Calgary, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm MT
Citytv Edmonton, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm MT
Citytv Vancouver, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm PT

If you are unable to tune in CBC will be broadcasting a post cast from their website

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