Posted Jul 17th, 2009 (11:20 am) by John-Ross Boyce

Muse have become so prog that they cannot be contained within the confines of the guitar neck anymore. In an effort to promote the band's upcoming album, titled The Resistance, the band has announced – drumroll, please - a treasure hunt. That's right, readers - now comes the payoff for all those years sitting in your underwear, committing mortal sins to Lara Croft's 32-bit bust. USB sticks have been hidden by the band in various spots around the globe, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris, Moscow and Dubai. Each USB stick contains a code which leads fans to a puzzle on ununitedeurasia.muse.mu. Once the puzzle is solved, a portion of the forthcoming album's single “United States of Eurasia” is unlocked for listening pleasure. Clues as to the whereabouts of the USB sticks and what time they may be picked up are being periodically released through the above-mentioned site. Info on the current progress of the hunt after the break.

Amazingly enough, people actually have enough free time on their hands to go treasure hunting. As of yesterday, the USB stick in Paris was located and the subsequent puzzle solved, meaning that 36 seconds of “United States of Eurasia” is available for listening. Berlin's USB stick was also located, but the puzzle has not yet been solved. The whereabouts of the other USB sticks remain a mystery at this time.

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