Posted Jul 19th, 2009 (3:24 am) by John-Ross Boyce

Oxford's FOALS have temporarily hung up their dancing shoes, and singer Yannis Philippakis' fears of the Evil Eye have finally come true, in the form of the dreaded Swine Flu. All the info after the break.

In a statement on their Myspace blog, FOALS wrote that both Philippakis and drummmer Jack Bevan have contracted the horrible porcine malady that has caused hand wringing, projectile vomiting and phlegmmy demise all over the civilized world and beyond. Although Philippakis only mentions two contractions within the band, keyboard player Edwin Congreave, whose remarks preceded those of Philippakis, seems to be in a some sort of delirious state, caused either by Swine Flu, or ingestion of awesome drugs which apparently make you see The Almighty Himself.
Due to these less than favorable circumstances, the band has been forced to go into self-imposed quarantine, pulling out of both The Melt Festival, July 17th in Ferropolis, Germany and Spain's Benicassim Festival on July 18th. FOALS have assured fans that they will be hitting the bricks hard in summer 2010 to make up for this unforeseen disaster. They are also planning to head into the studio to begin work on new material next week. If they survive.

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