Posted Jul 23rd, 2009 (1:54 pm) by Megan Gilbreth

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day – well if that’s true than everyone is an Irish punk rocker at a Flogging Molly show. The band’s less than ideal 7:30 time slot on Friday night at this year’s Rothbury (sandwiched between Damian Marley & NAS and The String Cheese Incident) seemed to have little impact on their turnout; Hordes of fanatical fans came out to show off their best step-rage moves, which was quite the site to see. The energy in the crowd was equally passionate throughout the Ranch stage area with fists raised and legs pumping; No matter where you were standing you felt you were at the heart of the music.

Their hour-and-a-quarter set included all the favorites spanning all four albums surprisingly evenly. As usual, the drunken lullabies most certainly brought the house down, “Cause we find ourselves in the same old mess / Singin' drunken lullabies.” They also sang “Float,” the title song from their latest effort released in early March, and the all-time crowd-pleaser “Rebels of the Sacred Heart.” I quite appropriately spent most of the show with my arms linked doe-see-do style with a group of charismatic strangers, collapsing in unison until the final moments of the set.

Flogging Molly, who formed in Los Angeles in 1997, is undoubtedly one of the prototypical bands of their subgenre; that said, their complexity spans far beyond the obvious boundaries associated with Irish punk. Ireland-born frontman Dennis Casey has heavily influenced the group through his lyrical reflections on his past, but at the same time, the each member of the group manages to throw some flair of individuality into the mix. In reality, this ‘individuality,’ carefully layered into each song, is the reason why Flogging Molly is still relevant today.

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