Posted on March 25th, 2009 (12:02 am) by Joe McCarthy

Do Irish bands even exist these days? I guess, you could make the case for My Bloody Valentine or even U2 I suppose. Of course, that really doesn't give Irish youngsters a whole lot in the way of national musical heroes. On the other hand, the lack of a specific musical image they’d ostensibly look to emulate could also make for some really unique perspectives on music. This is certainly the case with the indie pop band named Fight Like Apes.

Imagine taking equal parts Karen O and Aqua, adding some synths, and tossing them all in a blender together. Fight Like Apes is what you’d get. Most of the songs on their US-boud EP come accross as simplistic indie pop, and I mean that in the best manner possible. The songs aren't overdone and the band never tries to develop them into something they aren't. Granted that would be tough to do in tracks that hardly last two minutes. What else could come of a band that names an EP You Filled His Head with Fluffy Clouds and Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think was Going to Happen?. And, though I tried my hardest, I couldn’t for the life of me find some sort of deep political or social statement hidden among the lyrics of tracks like “Lightsabre Cock Sucker Blues” and “Snore Bore Whore.”

Despite the lack of depth, Fight Like Apes’ tracks are still exceptionally fun - you could even say that they are [insert your own Jolly Ranchers/hard candy-based pun here]. Were I the dancing sort of guy, I could see myself literally frolicking around my room to this record, screaming along with the lyrics at the top of my lungs (maybe there would even be some jumping on the bed). Judging from the way that this oh-so-lengthily-titled EP plays, I’d be floored if the crowd at a Fight Like Apes show didn’t replicate exactly the scene I just described.

If I had to try to pinpoint what it is that makes me feel that way it would definitely be the youthful joy embodied in Fight Like Apes musical sytle. You can tell that the band loves what they are doing. The pleasure that they get from making this EP will undoubtedly carry over the listener and before long you’ll find yourself yipping along, reciting “Goodness me, it's fish and chips” line from “Can Head”.

Track List

1. Lend Me Your Face 1:49
2. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues 1:59
3. Knucklehead 1:56
4. Can Head 2:09
5. Snore Bore Whore (Spherical Mix) 2:18


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