Posted Aug 20th, 2015 (1:22 am) by Addison Herron-Wheeler
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Musicians and cannabis go together like fish and water, and once marijuana is finally 100% legal, musician's creative output and the experience of live music will be better than ever.

If you live in the U.S. and don't spend your time hiding out under a rock, you more than likely listen to at least a few bands or artists who smoke cannabis, and you've probably heard about the reformed cannabis laws that many states are enacting. You've probably also heard about some of the musicians you follow not being able to make a concert date because of an arrest, or having some other marijuana-related hang-up that interrupted their creative process. Well, what if none of that was a concern anymore, AND your favorite musicians were happily churning out tunes and selling you cannabis merchandise at all their shows? For all these reasons and a few more that we've listed here, I'm convinced that if cannabis is made legal, it will greatly improve the music you listen to.

1. Musicians won't be getting arrested just for cannabis while on tour.

Did you know that a crazy number of arrests happen on the road and elsewhere for simply possessing cannabis, and that in some states, you can get a D.U.I. days after you've taken a puff? For all those reasons, it's dangerous for your criminal record to go on tour with your band and have cannabis on hand, and it's even dangerous to stop in a legal state, smoke up, and then drive the day after. Many states test blood levels for THC, and THC can stay in your blood for up to three months after smoking. So if a band goes on tour and gets pulled over in, say, Kansas for driving a giant van with the Grim Reaper painted on the side, the driver could be screwed even if he hadn't smoked in days. If cannabis becomes completely legal and we come up with a sensible way to breathalyze for intoxication or test for recent use, there will be a lot less driver arrests in general, and bands will be able to safely smoke up on tour.

2. Musicians will be more likely to go on tour and create because they will have herbal inspiration.

If you've ever wondered why some of your favorite bands, rappers, or producers smoke herb, it's because they are creative types. Now that more research is being done on the plant, we actually have studies that show cannabis increases creativity. As anyone who has smoked before could probably tell you, the psychotropic qualities of marijuana help make connections and associations between unrelated ideas, which is basically what creativity is. So, more legal weed equals more, and richer, creative output from some of your favorite artists.

3. You'll be able to buy weed merch of your favorite artists.

If you're like me and you nerd out over merch, you'll love this next one. Willie Nelson is starting his own brand of cannabis, as are the Marleys, and I recently wrote an article about how doom bands in the metal scene are starting to sell things like bowls and grinders. In other words, this is another way bands and artists can make money, which they will surely take advantage of, and this means you could be smoking out of a bowl with your favorite band's logo on it for your next toking session.

4. Bands will be fighting and breaking up less.

OK, so there aren't any studies out there yet that prove bands get along better because they smoke herb together. But there is plenty of evidence that using cannabis can help romantic relationships, and being in a band is a lot like dating a bunch of stinky hairy dudes you drive around in a van with. Smoking pot can help open up lines of communication, it can make for a more euphoric mood, enhance creativity during writing sessions, like we already discussed, and make people less violent. So, the band that bakes together, stays together, and this is a lot easier to safely and healthily achieve with legal marijuana.

5. You'll be able to smoke in your favorite club or venue.

Another awesome thing about legalizing cannabis further down the line is the fact that you'll be able to smoke in the bars and clubs where you see live music. Denver is already considering allowing smoking in bars and clubs since cannabis is legal, which would mean that bands and fans alike could smoke up and have a great time. Truly, this option could make this awesome for the concert-going experience.

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