Posted Jan 31st, 2015 (9:51 pm) by Addie Provost
Image by Flip Nicklin
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The streamable track above is unlike anything you've previously heard from Inyourspeakers. Although it sounds otherworldly, it is actually made by creatures of the Earth. Whales to be exact. In fact, many animals are known to exhibit signs of musical talent and it's possible that they've been making music for a lot longer than humans have.

When discussing the music of animals and it's influence on humans it is interesting to consider how music is connected to language, and vice versa. A study at John Hopkins University has found that music and language are processed by the same part of the brain which means that not only is music a form of communication but that communication, of any kind, is also a form of music. So that thing the alley cats are doing at one in the morning when you're trying to sleep? It's just their version of a breakup song.

Everything from the sound of peepers at the lake to the laughing of hyenas is a unique song and, according to Darwin, we owe the animal kingdom a debt of gratitude for teaching us everything we know about communication and music. In "The Descent of Man" Darwin notes that "language owes its origins to the imitation and modification, aided by signs and gestures, of various natural sounds, the voices of other animals." If you listen closely to the languages of humans, you can hear similarities to the languages of animals. For example, tell me this husky doesn't remind you of certain drunkards that frequent your local karaoke bar?

So while it may feel like we have nothing in common with our furry, feathered and finned family members, animals and humans aren't all that different. Whether it’s the howling of wolves echoing through the forests, a choir of whales vibrating to distant oceans, or thousands of human strangers singing Bohemian Rhapsody at a Green Day concert, every creature on the planet uses music to connect with others which, coincidentally, connects us all to each other.

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