Posted Apr 10th, 2015 (8:40 am) by Stacie Sullivan
Image by Stacie Sullivan

Sunny electro pop-rockers Vacationer took some time out of their tour with Rubblebucket to play a packed show in Burlington, Vermont’s Signal Kitchen.

Opening the show was Burlington locals Nyiko (pronounced nee-ko) who set up a friendly atmosphere for the night. Wearing suits and ties, the band had a suave look and a polished sound to match. I’m always amazed by the local talent that Burlington has, and Nyiko was no exception. They had a fun synth-dance sound that is rather radio friendly. In between songs, the band spent time getting to know the crowd by making punny jokes.

In between sets a local Burlington DJ known as Disco Phantom dropped some beats to keep the party going before Vacationer took the stage.

Despite the fact that snow was falling at a fast clip outside, Vacationer transformed the venue into a tropical getaway with their warm sounds. They projected images of waves, the beach, water, and all things summer on the wall which created a little world of sunshine and warmth for everyone in the venue.

The dance party that Disco Phantom started, only got better as Vacationer played both old and new favorites such as “Shining,” “Stay,” “Gone,” “Be With You,” In The Grass,” “Paradise Waiting,” and “Go Anywhere.” Lead vocalist, Kenny Vasoli grooved just as hard as everyone in the crowd with his long curls whipping around his face.

Mid set Vacationer chilled things out before boogying down to “Fresh.” They then took the crowd on a journey through the jungle with “Wildlife.” The band closed their set with “Trip,” but the crowd wasn’t ready to leave the little world of summer. Everyone chanted for one more song, but they got three. Vacationer returned to the stage to play a few old jams such as “Summer End” and “Great Love.”

As the crowd filtered onto the snowy streets of Burlington, it was evident that there was still sunshine on their mind. Vacationer gave a handful of Vermonters some hope for warmer weather and took us away from this never ending winter, even if for just a few hours.

You can catch Vacationer on tour this spring with Rubblebucket.

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