Posted Aug 2nd, 2015 (4:25 pm) by James Hughes
Gathering Of The Vibes 2015: Day Two
Image by James Hughes

The sun continued to beat down on the heads of all the weekend campers as day two of Gathering of the Vibes began. The excitement of the Vibe Tribe for Wilco’s performance was obvious, with many people forgoing many other festival amenities to prepare for Jeff Tweedy and company.

The bluebird skies and bright summer sun set a backdrop for a day filled with the beach and just a few shows. With early showings from Kung Fu, Moon Hooch, The Gaslight Anthem, and Trevor Hall the Saturday crowd had ample opportunities for Vibes friendly music. The blend of experimental funk, jazz, and rock warmed up the audience for the headlining acts.

After going through some recent changes, (i.e. kicking out keyboardist Todd Stoops) Kung Fu hit the main stage to wake up the groggy morning crowd. Although their style was intact, Stoop’s presence on stage pulled some of the rug out from the collective. That missing piece resonated though the otherwise tight set.

Hanging around the Green Vibes stage for the appearance from the young trio Moon Hooch. Their dance-based blend of dubstep, funk, and experimental jazz pulled the crowd from the beach to the stage. It seemed that every time I looked up there was another bass pumping instrument was pulled out from its case. Moon Hooch’s willingness to get weird with it on stage kept their crowd wanting more.

Before going on a stint of international shows, New Jersey based The Gaslight Anthem made their inaugural visit to the gathering. The band’s angsty garage rock should have drew in more fans than they did in my opinion. Like professionals, they performed with energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately The Gaslight Anthem are reportedly taking a break, an indefinite hiatus even, after their European tour that is set to start in a few weeks.

Bringing the calm to everyone was Trevor Hall on the Green Vibes Stage. The acoustic rocker was is the illegitimate child of Jack Johnson and an ounce of weed. The guy was so laid back, and into his music, that it did not seem like anything could distract him. That was the way things were until a couple of seven-year-olds in the front row, yes you heard me right, were boisterously singing along. Stopping for a moment, Hall quizzed the young fans on who they were before he continued. It was a nice break in the show and it added in a small moment for us to candidly hear the artist speak.

When the ferver of the day had finally subsided, and the hot sun began to set, many fans had the chance to take a break and get prepped for the back-to-back performances from Wilco and Warren Hayes. Jeff Tweedy and company took the stage ready to celebrate their own 20 anniversary with their performance here at Gathering of the Vibes. With the career that they have had, and the catalog that comes with it, Wilco had no problem putting together a quality set covering their entire career. A highlight of the evening was when, as Tweedy said, the “ambassador of the festival” Warren Haynes came and joined Wilco on stage for a killer solo session. This was a treat to for those who came to see the Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead, and Gov’t Mule veteran live.

As Wilco left the stage, the party continued with Warren Haynes and the Seaside All-Stars, which included George Porter Jr., Bradford Marsalis, Jackie Greene, Joe Russo, and Marco Benevento. The funky jams wound down the night for me as the silent disco, and the late night Lettuce performance, proved to be too much for me as I found myself fighting hunger and exhaustion. I made my way to the tent and called it a night.

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