Posted Aug 7th, 2015 (9:12 pm) by Sarah Wilson
Pop Pairing: Verite and The Wombats Team Up for Lolla After Show
Image by Sarah L Wilson Photography

Everyone knows that Lolla is a three day whirlwind of live bands in the hot sun. But did you know there's after shows too? Among the ones on our roster was a pairing that seemed odd on the surface, but worked out just great! Verite and The Wombats rocking the Double Door!

The show started with the sultry pop of Vérité. Sounding at first demure and soft, her voice builds fills the space above the crowd, rolling in and lifting up. You find yourself swaying with her through the (too short) set. "Colors", synthy beats and Vérité's echoing vocals were particular high light. I'd arrived not knowing much about her and left wanting to know more. Her EP, Echo, is out now and is a great example of her lyrically graceful, synth and percussion driven music.

From Vérité's subtlety there is a transition that shouldn't have worked, but did. The rarely subtle, often under-rated yet always over-achieving: The Wombats. Supporting their spring released album Glitterbug, The Wombats took the stage in what was to become one of the sweatiest shows I've been to in a very long time. Even though the band had just flown in from Australia the night before and were taking the stage after midnight, they were on. And I mean on. From the first note to the last sweaty stage stagger, the band played their biggest hits, "Techno Fan", "Joy Division" but it wasn't just a 'look what we did then' show. The band played their newest pieces too and to great response from the crowd. "Greek Tragedy" and "This is Not a Party" being two that scored high with the packed house.

Both Vérité and The Wombats were back at Lolla proper the next day, The Wombats opening Sunday with what may have been the largest opening slot turn out I saw all weekend. Stay tuned for more shots and words from the Lolla shows and check out the band's albums/EPs for more. Vérité will be touring from August 30th on. The Wombats too will be back in the US to round out the year with another long run of shows, picking up the cities they missed on their spring run.

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