Posted Apr 15th, 2015 (10:29 pm) by Sarah Wilson
Image by Sarah L Wilson Photography

Ever been to a show where you danced your ass off and still wanted more? No? Then you've never seen Foxygen live!

The LA duo of Sam France (lead vocals) and Jonathan Rado (keys, guitars) are on the road with their wonderfully manic show and we got to see them in Pittsburgh. Only a few dates left before they head over to Europe. Catch them if you can because this show? Doesn't take a breath!

The stage is decked out with pentagrams, Christmas lights and of course, Rado's Jesus portrait keeping his keys in good graces! From the second they take the stage the guys, plus three back up singers (who were STELLAR!) and band were completely manic! France paced the stage, jumping to and from the barrier, sitting with the fans for a moment then rushing back over the wedge where he ended up on the floor with a tech helping de-tangle his mic lines. Roughly 15 songs, including two encores, of pure energy and pure fun.

Catch them if you can and check out some shots from Pittsburgh show, at the fab Mr. Smalls Funhouse

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