Posted May 27th, 2015 (9:37 pm) by Sarah Wilson
Palma Violets
Image by Sarah L Wilson Photography

The Palma Violets released their album Danger in the Club back on May 5th and have been touring behind it ever since. We got lucky and caught their show as they slammed through Pittsburgh, leaving us with ringing ears and a very satisfied taste off of London's indie rock plate.

First, the band were playing an excellent (but poorly lit) venue in Pittsburgh called Brillobox. The velvet pattern wall paper, red lights and floor that very literately shook and swayed under the sheer energy of the band and their devoted fans were a perfect fit for the raw and manic energy of Palma Violets.

Lead by Alexander "Chilli" Jesson on bass and Samuel Thomas Fryer on guitar, with both picking up vocals the band come on strong from the first cord. In this case, the first was the gritty "Rattlesnake Highway". Somewhat more subdued than the front men are Jeffrey Mayhew on keys and William M. Doyle on drums. Subdued only by comparison to Chilli who at one point ended up in the crowd either fighting with or trying to break up a fight with a rather rowdy (one of many) crowd member. It was really hard to tell but who cares? Seconds later he back on stage and playing out the rest of the gig.

With 12 or 13 tracks including what may arguably be their most known track, "Best of Friends" off the 2013 album 180. The night guitar fueled, dark and gritty night of indie rock that at times is more punk rock than anything else and a great friggin' time in general!

There's a few dates left in the states before they head back over the pond. Catch them if you can!

Video Directed by Douglas Hart and available on the band's Youtube channel, along with others.

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