Posted Aug 1st, 2015 (8:47 am) by Sarah Wilson
Kaskade at Lollapalooza 2015
Image by Sarah L Wilson Photography

Lollapalooza. Where else will you walk from seeing Paul McCartney rockin' the grandmas (and their grandkids) to Kaskade very literally setting fire to it in the course of an hour?

Lollapalooza day one was a hectic music filled romp in the very hot sun. A seriously diverse line-up kept us on our toes, scooting from one side of the park for Glass Animals down to the next for Alt-J and everything between.

We started our day with a long line in the sun to get our credentials. Finally in our next step was to get our bearings. Grant Park is a huge place, more than a mile from end to end, and there are six full stages and several "tent" stages to fine and explore.

Lolla produces an awesome app. An app that would be more awesome if the mobile service was more reliable under the weight of thousands trying to use it all at once. So in desperation, we dropped back to the old throw back paper schedule.

We managed to see and hear bits of tons of great music! At Lolla, there's so much space to cover and so many bands to hear you rarely get to hear whole sets. So we'll give you a couple stand outs.

Tove Lo, so very good. Though infamous for her shoeless performances, she was in them yesterday as the sun and the heat on that black stage was just too much. She sounded fantastic!

From there we scooted down and caught pieces of this and that. Down to the Palladia stage to catch a piece of Father John Misty's set. Then down to grab a quick bite before Hot Chip took the Bud Light stage only to be distracted by Bear's Den playing at BMI. We never made it back to Hot Chip, that's just how Lolla works. You have an intention, you have a plan and you're thwarted by the tempting sounds in the air. DJ Mustard, for instance, whose set over at Perry stage carried over the trees and drew us (and tons of others) running to dance in the dusty sun.

Across the road from Perry Stage Ms Mr were burning up the Sprint stage. Their energy on such a blindingly hot day was amazing. But like the other sets we caught, we had to part ways and start the mile long trek back down the park to catch a bit of The War on Drugs before the blinding Alt-J set at the Bud Light stage. And there wasn't much that could pull us away from Alt-J...except the living legend himself, Sir Paul McCartney. That's right, this year Lolla boasted literal rock and roll royalty. Standing in the crazy huge crowd there were kids on their parents shoulders all the way up to grandparents standing with two generations of their own family for this set. It was really very cool, a special touch to see the bridge he seemed to be.

As amazing as McCartney is though you just can't go to Lolla opening night and NOT go see the prince of EDM...Kaskade. Literally blowing shit up to close down the Perry stage and for us...the night.

Stay tuned for tons of pictures, more words and a full accounting of everything from this weekend as it happens! Remember to follow IYS on instagram and twitter (@inyoruspeakers) for the real time updates from the park!

Update: Day Two and Day Three

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