Posted Jul 30th, 2015 (9:18 pm) by Sarah Wilson
COIN and Saint Motel
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What do you do on a super hot, steamy and basically blah Wednesday night in Pittsburgh? You hit Club Cafe and dance your ass off, that's what you do. If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket to the sold out show.

Saint Motel and COIN, two bands with two similar vibes and sounds came together to make a hot sweaty night even hotter and sweatier!

First up were the dance-pop band out of Nashville, COIN. Fresh off two exciting support spots: one with Betty Who and another with Neon Trees, all that touring didn't seem to have warned them down. The band were all energy as they hit the stage at The Club. That heavy tour schedule, surrounding the release of their debut full length, COIN, is totally paying off. They sounded fantastic. COIN's set was tight, with great energy that even the most jaded in the crowd couldn't have sat still for. Only complaint? They played too short for my tastes, but hey...who doesn't want more of a good thing?

Unfortunately for anyone who wanted to see them out with Saint Motel you've missed your chance; but really that's OK because this weekend the guys will be hitting Lollapalooza and then? Onward as join as support for none other than Walk the Moon. Yeah...may want to keep your eyes on these guys, if they slow down enough for you that is!

But it wasn't all about COIN this time. Next up were headliners Saint Motel. Having formed in LA in 2009, it was their sickeningly catchy "My Type" (2014) that finally got them the notice they deserve.

To describe their sound is a fun effort. Part pop, several parts dance, a dash of blues, a big chunk of Vegas lounge act [in the totally not cheesy way!]and you have Saint Motel. Their new EP, My Type is out now and full of good stuff! The backing horn section (sax and trumpet) add the perfect touch to their music, really making it stand out as really unique in a market that has a lot of competition these days. With lyrics that reflect that same 'edge of cheese' sense of humor ("You're just my type, you've got a pulse and you're breathing")you can't help but have a great time when these guys are on the stage.

You can still catch Saint Motel out on the road for the rest of the summer, check out the dates here.


Saint Motel: My Type

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