Posted Sep 2nd, 2015 (4:00 pm) by Lucy Xiong
Image by Electric Zoo

Deciding who to see at a festival with a lineup as juicy as Electric Zoo Transformed can be taxing. If only we could be in more than one place at a time!

Unfortunately, we can't, so let Inyourspeakers help you decide where to take the one body, mind, and spirit you do have.

10.) Keys N Krates

From: Toronto, Canada
Sound: Trap, Grime, Hip Hop
Why: They live up to their name— using only drums, keys, turntable and live sampling for a 100% live show.

9.) RAC

From: Portland, Oregon
Sound: Indietronica, Indie Rock
Why: André Allen Anjos moves across genres creating emotionally evocative and nuanced experiences that are uplifting and beautiful.

8.) Alesso

From: Stockholm, Sweden
Sound: Progressive House
Why: Alesso blew up for a reason and that reason is that he knows how to captivate an audience’s energy and build an atmosphere.

7.) Louis Futon

From: Philadelphia, PA
Sound: Undefinable
Why: “I make music because I love music and would be a lifeless soul without it. I produce what makes me happy, which is why GENRES DONT DEFINE ME. To those of you that come across my music and enjoy it, I appreciate you immensely. While there may be no free hand-outs in life I strive to give away my music for free, so please enjoy and share.” - Futon’s Facebook

6.) Gramatik

From: Portorož, Slovenia
Sound: Hip Hop, Dubstep
Why: His philosophy is that music should be free and freed. His music has sense of humor to it as well as a innovative nostalgia that makes him one of the most unique and enjoyable electronic artists out right now.

5.) GRiZ

From: Detroit, Michigan
Sound: Trip Hop, Dubstep
Why: Griz embodies PLUR life with his mantra “Show Love, Spread Love” and his music undoubtedly spreads all the positivity.

4.) Lemaitre

From: Oslo, Norway
Sound: Electro-House, Nu-Disco, Electronic Rock
Why: Named after George Lemaitre who introduced the Big Bang Theory, Lemaitre’s unbounded sounds are guaranteed to get you moving.

2. Bro Safari

From: Atlanta, GA
Sound: Dubstep, Trap, Bass
Why: Simply cannot wait to see what they cook up live. Their music is pure high-energy fun and will absolutely make the crowd go berzerk.

1.)Alison Wonderland

From: Sydney, Australia
Sound: Alternative Dance, Synthpop, House
Why: Not only is she killing it in a hyper male-dominated industry but she is far surpassing everyone in electronic music. Her understanding of crafting full-bodied, dynamic, orchestral bangers with complex bass is introducing a high-level musicality that has been arguably missing from electronic music. Alison Wonderland is the #1 artist we are dying to see.

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