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Joe Giacomet
Image by Joe Giacomet

Brian Vu shared some intimate shots he took especially for the series in our last installment of Visuals. This week, London based photographer Joe Giacomet shares his gorgeously composed work, giving some background on the detailed work that goes into them. You'll notice a few shots of previous series contributor Bibio in the mix!

First, we asked him to share a bit of background, including how he got into photography:

"I'm an advertising and portrait photographer and I love quirky portraits of artist and musicians, mainly due to the creative freedom you get on these projects. I live in Manchester, but mainly work out of London where my studio is. I’ve been solely shooting for the last four years, before that I worked as an assistant to some of the UK’s top photographers. I made the move from assistant to photographer when well known agent Mark George signed me to his roster of 10 photographers. I’ve since moved over to a new agency called F65, a venture from post production & CGI house Smoke & Mirrors. I split my work between advertising, music, and art (with these ordered in the ascending fun and descending money)."

I got into photography though making skate movies when I was a teenager, I initially started off using a video camera but after a few years I found myself using a stills camera more and more. I also found that a camera was when a good way to blag yourself into night clubs and gigs for free.

Alongside photography I also have a love for electronic music, particularly techno. I set up a record label called More Punk Than Funk (now defunct) when I was 18, releasing my own and my friends' music. It was the contacts that I made through this that allowed me to start shooting musicians, and more specifically dj’s/producers."

The Spring Offensive - Lightbulb

"This is one of the most technically demanding photos I’ve ever shot. I initially shot the band and lit them as though there was an exploding lightbulb in front of them. Once we’d done that, we set up the light bulb, which had been inserted with an explosive charge (this took a day of prep to master.) We then set up triggers to capture the explosion a moment after it happened… needless to say it took quite a lot of technical faffing to get right, but on the 7th explosion we nailed it."

The Spring Offensive - Last Birthday Ever

"This was the first time I worked with the Spring Offensive, and still one of my favourite shots. I just love the drab disappointment that comes across in the styling and art direction. The whole picture just tells a great story."

Bibio, Warp Records - Reflection

"This was the first time I worked with Bibio, and it was great that we had the opportunity to spend the whole day working on this one shot. We both have the same level of perfectionism, and this allowed us to really indulge that. Every item was carefully placed, even down to the leaves which we spent a half an hour carefully positioning. The idea behind this shot was that the reflection showed the image he puts out on stage, with his clothes and posture being different to the original shot of him. This was another fairly demanding shot, we had to create the puddle and then totally relight the shot for the reflection only, with it being fairly tricky to get such a strong reflection in water using artificial light sources.

Bibio, Warp Records - Tea Making

"This was the second time I shot Bibio, as part of the PR for his album Silver Wilkinson. We shot this in his house at the end of a fairly long day shooting outside. What I love about this shot is the colours; the contrast of warm and cool light really worked in this shot."

Reverend Rockwell

I absolutely love this shot. The Reverend Rockwell, preacher of the good word of electronic blues, saw my shots for jewellery brand Cigar Sanctum and wanted something with a similar feel. So I created a set of warm distressed wooden tones, I wanted it to feel like he was sitting at a bar in a wooden shack out in the deep south.

The Dotmaster - Trash 'n' Cash

Although The Dotmaster isn’t a musician, I wanted to include this shot. This was shot inside his studio as part of the PR for his solo exhibition in top Mayfair gallery Imitate Modern. Why is there fire? Well, we hypothesised some great meaning to it in relation to Trash ’n' Cash—but really we just thought it looked cool."

Lullaby: Natalie Press

Lullaby: James Walsh

"These 2 shots were commissioned by Smith & Jones Films as part of the pr and artwork for James Walsh’s album. The first shot is of Natalie Press and was used as the cover for the album and the second shot is of James Walsh (Starsailor). I really like the set on this, we went to a lot of effort to build it, trying to re-create the look of a motel room in the States."

To finish things off, we asked Joe where more of his work can be found:

"The best place to check out my work is on my website, I also put up stuff on my instagram and tumblr pages. Also if anyone’s in Manchester they can go to a new bar called Tattu, they commissioned me to shoot all the artwork for their walls, so it’s like a permanent exhibition. And finally, if you’re an artist or musician give me a shout, I’m always looking to make exciting and interesting work."

Check out full size images below, and stay tuned for the next installment of Visuals in two weeks!

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