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Daniel Dorsa
Image by Daniel Dorsa

In our last installment of Visuals, Tonje Thilesen wowed with some gorgeous shots from Hundred Waters' Form Arcosanti, as well as a few of Patten, Panda Bear, and Empress Of. This week, Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Dorsa shares some of his gorgeous work. Many of his shots need no additional description; they tell the whole story all on their own. First, we asked him to tell us a bit about himself:

"Though I was born in New Jersey, I was raised in South Florida for most of my life. Once college came around, I moved to Orlando and lived there for about 5 years. Now, I live in Brooklyn and have been here for about 2 1/2 years. I’ve been shooting a variety of commercial and editorial work lately, but most of it has been portrait based."

What got you into photography, and music photography specifically?

"Photography began as a darkroom class in high school. Somehow, my high school had an amazing class and darkroom facilities. I got my first camera, a 35mm Canon Rebel, from my Dad for the class. I didn’t have a real reason to take the class, but I know I wanted to do something creative. I was really bad at drawing and music, but also had no interest in doing something very physical. I decided that seemed like a fine elective.

At first, the class seemed a little dull, but after our first day in the darkroom, I was instantly hooked. I would skip lunch almost everyday to print in the darkroom and would shoot as much as possible on my own time. After my obsession began, I started focusing on shooting skateboarding since that was my other obsession.

Shooting music, however, ended up later into my college life. A few friends and I started a now defunct blog called Tiny Waves. We featured a lot of different types of artists, but we ended up focusing heavily on local music around Florida. With that, I began to photograph shows and portraits of all these incredible artists all around the state and beyond. My interest for portraits grew and so did my portfolio. Eventually, I began to work with another music blog called Portals which I still do work for to this day. Portals is a music community dedicated to giving independent artists and curators a place to share their unique voices. I help produce photo and video content and has been a critical part of my growth as a photographer while also giving me access to artists I normally wouldn’t be able to work with. A lot of these artists have become friends and a lot of the Portals staffers have become family."

Julie Byrne, Dripping Springs, TX

"Julie Byrne is an unbelievable human being. The first time I shot her was a live video for Portals. She’s played a few of our show and I’ve been fortunate enough to become friendly with her. She is one of the most calm and sweet people I’ve ever met and constantly blows my mind every time she plays live.

On this shoot, we were on our friend Emily Cross’ property in Dripping Springs, TX (about 30 minutes outside of Austin) for an amazing showcase she was throwing. As the sun was setting, Julie and I went a bit out into the property. We could over hear the chirps from the bird sanctuary in the distance as we were shooting. The darker it got, the softer the light got, but Julie continued to glow. Later that night, Julie played an incredibly gentle set all lit by candle light in the middle of the prairie.".

Fielded, Brooklyn, NY

Frame, Brooklyn, NY

Mister Lies, Ludlow, VT

"Nick Zanca (aka Mister Lies) and myself had a lot of mutual friends for a long time, but it took us years before we were every formerly introduced. Once we met, I expressed my interest in shooting him. We talked schedules for a bit and he mentioned that it would have to be soon since he was going to spend a couple of months in Vermont to work on his next record. I figured that Vermont would probably the best place to shoot him. We drove up the next week and was able to get to know Nick as we made the 6 hour drive into the Vermont mountains where I spent the next two days with Nick.

This was shot on the top of a fire tower. We found this as we drove up this dirt road for a view of the mountains. We saw the tower in the distance and followed a lightly used path to it. We climbed it with caution, but it was fruitful at the top."

Spazzkid, Brooklyn NY

Les Sins, Brooklyn NY

Juan Wauters, Brooklyn NY

Mitski, Queens NY

"Mitski and I shot together the first time for a Portals Photo Essay. I didn’t know how well the shoot would end up going or if we would even get along at all. Soon after we met, we instantly became friends. She’s insanely busy endlessly touring, but whenever she’s in town, we always try to make it a point to hang out. She’s one of the most intelligent and focused people I’ve ever met and it’s been amazing to watch her grow as an artist."

Tasseomancy, New York, NY

Sea Oleena

Where can our readers see more of your work? Anything you're particularly excited about working on right now?

"My Instagram is constantly updated with work almost everyday. Some of it personal iPhone photos, but it’s mostly new work or extras from shoots. I also have my website which has all my work laid out.

I’ll be making a zine / book from work I shot in Iceland in this past May. Hopefully it’ll be out in the real world in the next few months."

Check out full size images below, and stay tuned for another installment of Visuals coming your way.

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