Posted Jul 21st, 2015 (11:00 am) by Theresa Flanagan
Brian Vu
Image by Brian Vu

Graphic artist James Livitski gave us a peek into his music-inspired process of creating pieces last time we brought you Visuals. For our fifth installment, you're
in for some gorgeously intimate portraits from NYC based photographer Brian Vu. Brian took these shots specifically for the series, and we're thrilled with how they turned out. First, we asked him to tell us about himself and how he got into photography:

"My name is Brian and I’m from Orange County, California. I’m currently living in New York City and I create images. I basically stole my dad’s digital camera and brought it everywhere with me when I was a teenager. Music photography happened when I started an online magazine about five years ago. I used to do a lot of photo essays documenting musicians. That led me to meet Warren of Foxes in Fiction and Orchid Tapes. Together we met a group of talented musicians from all over the world that we became very close with. I tend to collaborate with musicians I know well, most are terribly awkward in front of a camera so i’ve been very selective."

Ricky Eat Acid

"Sam is awesome. I really didn’t like him for the longest time, probably because I see a lot of myself in him. Our music taste is pretty much identical, I’m reminded of this whenever he plays music while we drive around and get food together."

Emily Reo

"Emily Reo is a princess (she wants to be called this, I promise). She has the best voice and the coolest nail polish. Warren [Foxes in Fiction] and I have spent a lot of time with her recently and i’m so happy to call her a close friend."


"Andrew of Gracie and I have been internet friends for a while and recently met in New York a year ago. He’s one of the funnest people I know. I’m used to musicians being boring to photograph, but he keeps it exciting."

Foxes in Fiction

"Warren of Foxes in Fiction means a lot to me. We live together in New York. He’s an inspiration to me, and we have always been supportive of each other. He’s given me the opportunity to photograph and design album artwork on vinyl for Orchid Tapes, which has always been a dream of mine."

Owen Pallet

"I met Owen Pallett in a pho restaurant briefly a couple years ago in Toronto, Canada. We didn’t see each other until I saw his show in New York. The first thing I said to him was “I’m fuckin’ wasted.” He's the hardest working person in music that I know."

Finally, we asked Brian where we can find more of his work:

"You can see my work on my website, tumblr, album artwork, RVCA clothing, and more recently music videos."

You can see one of these music videos below, shot for "The Passions" off of Owen Pallett's latest album In Conflict. Check out full size images in the gallery below and keep an eye out for the next installment of Visuals, coming your way from beautifully detail oriented photographer Joe Giacomet.

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